Upcoming Knitting Events in the Area

One of the most discouraging things about knitting is how difficult it can be to learn alone. I learned how to knit in a group of people who were at varying levels of proficiency. This helped me to feel more encouraged about learning, as I wasn’t the only beginner, and I learned more efficiently because … [Read more…]

2022 Spring/Summer Knitting Trends?

Every year around January, one of my knitting favorite blogs called Talvi Knits updates the internet on what she feels the knitting trends will be for the year’s spring/summer season. As spring continues to creep upon us, I wanted to veer away from patterns this week and respond to what she feels the new trends … [Read more…]

Diagonal Rib Pattern

This stitch pattern is incredibly similar to the long raindrops pattern from my last post. It’s not my personal favorite, but I know a few people who swear by it. I do enjoy how simple this pattern is because it makes it easy for any beginner to try it out. First Step: Choose Your Dimensions … [Read more…]

Long Raindrops Pattern

This stitch pattern is so fun and so easy to do. Much like any other pattern, long raindrops uses an alternation between knit and purl stitches; this makes it easy for beginners to venture out of their comfort zone without really having to. The only skill this pattern requires that is different from the basic … [Read more…]

Basket Weave Pattern

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE stitch patterns EVER. I just recently made a blanket using this pattern as a Christmas present for my boyfriend. One of the things I love about this stitch is how easy it is to see the differences between a knit stitch and a purl stitch. Both are used … [Read more…]

Two Basic Knit Stitches

The knit stitch and the purl stitch are the two basic stitches used in knitting. These stitches can be used in endless combinations to produce patterns. It is very important to master BOTH of these stitches in order to produce fun, unique pieces that will stand out from what others create! KNIT STITCH The knit … [Read more…]


Casting on is the first step in any knitting project. It is essential in knitting because nothing can be done until after this task is completed. Before learning how to cast on, it’s important to know which type of needle to use for which project. Straight Needles: The straight needles are used in pairs and … [Read more…]


STEP 1: PICK YOUR PROJECT Depending on what you’re choosing to create, your yarn will change. If you’re choosing to knit a blanket, you may want to go for a bigger yarn. A bigger yarn will allow for less stitches and it will lower the amount of time you will need to spend on completing … [Read more…]


MANY WOULD SAY YES. There are many reasons behind why the art, skill and passion for knitting is much less common today than in the past. We can boil this down to 3 main reasons. 1. KNITTING IS EXPENSIVE If you’re an avid knitter, or have a hobby that involves yarn, then you know that … [Read more…]