Integrate Ideas

Paper 3 Rough Draft • Paper 3 Final Draft

My Progress:

When I first entered this course, I struggled to lead into my quotes. I often thought it was encouraged to use quotes in your introductory paragraph, which I soon learned it was actually frowned upon. Many times, I would start sentences with a quote, basically just dropping it into my paper without leading into it, or explaining it. Through “They Say, I Say”, and the different worksheet practices we have focused on in class, I feel as though I have significantly improved in the way I integrate quotes. I am more mindful of creating a quotation sandwich, where I introduce my quote as well as explain it. As seen in my fourth body paragraph of paper 3, I explain how Skylah’s identity shift opposes William’s template, introduce the quote to back it up, and then go further into an explanation of how Skylah opposes this template. This is a strong example of how I’ve utilized the quotation sandwich within my paper. I have an introduction to my quote, the quote itself, and then I explain how this quote backs up my idea of how she complicates William’s idea. This type of pattern is seen throughout my third paper, whereas it would almost never be utilized in my earlier writings.