Step 3: Rough Outline of New Paper


  • Thesis: After almost completing my four years of undergraduate schooling, I have learned how to master creating a thesis and taking my own argument. ETC — WORDING SUCKS
  • OR: The collection of information from a variety of coursework allows you to build your own identity kit, essentially shaping you into the person you are today. OBV TAKE PERSONAL PRONOUNS OUT — CANT TELL IF I WANT TO WRITE ACADEMICALLY OR PERSONALLY.
  • Presentation is personal so maybe the revision project won’t be ?

Idea 1: What is a discourse?

Idea 2: Function of language — how does this relate to a discourse and how do they change between the sciences and the humanities

Idea 3: How does this create an identity kit & shape people

What new sources should we use? Obv the two Gee articles but should we gather more? Not sure if I want to use Christina Haas – might be cool to compare her student example to my own.