Individualized Error

Paper 3 Rough Draft • Paper 3 Final Draft

My Progress:

A common error in all of my projects is that I tend to over-summarize the sources I use within my project. This makes it extremely difficult for the reader to understand where I am going, or what I am trying to portray. I tend to lose my audience when I do this. I tend to write less about my thoughts and ideas when I spend so much time on my summarization, which ultimately kills my paper. I have worked really hard on cutting back on summarization in order to elaborate more on my ideas, and hope that my points don’t get lost within the paper. This is evident between my rough draft and my final draft of project 3. In my body paragraph about Kenny Goddu’s narrative, both peers who looked at my project suggested that I cut back on summarization. I made sure to fix that within my final draft, which also helped me to elaborate more towards the end of the paragraph on my ideas.