Showcase Project

Paper 3 Rough Draft • Paper 3 Final Draft


For project 3, I explored the pattern of a few student’s identity shifts within their narratives. Bronwyn T. Williams offers a pattern within his article “Heros, rebels, and victims: Student identities in literacy narratives” that I compare to the student narratives I looked into. After review a few different students, I found that his pattern is sometimes supported, but is not the only pattern seen within students. I suggest that there is more to it than his template; many students tend to follow his template, or completely oppose it. 

I chose to use this paper as my Showcase Project because I believe that it reflects my best work and progress through my writing. By far, I think it is the strongest paper that I have written for this course. It shows my best abilities in integrating quotes, as well as explaining my own ideas. I feel that it also represents my best work in writing and introductory paragraph and a conclusion (which is something I have always struggled with). I was most proud turning in this paper than any of the others that I had written.