Recursive Process

Paper 3 Rough Draft • Paper 3 Final Draft

My Progress:

I did not make any changes to my introductory paragraph aside from combining two sentences with a semi colon. Most of my more important revisions were focused on my body paragraphs. In my second body paragraph, about Cali Wood’s narrative, I attempted to cut out some of the unnecessary summary as I transitioned into my final draft. I also elaborated more on my evaluation of her narrative, as well as the type of identity shift that she undergoes. As I moved on to my third body paragraph, my summarization of Kenny Goddu’s narrative was much longer than it needed to be. In my transition to my final draft, I cut several sentences out and tried to shift my focus more to my ideas rather than the summarization. My peers had pointed out that I focused too much on summary during their peer review of my paper. An issue that I had to work on as I moved through drafts was definitely trying to focus more on my own ideas rather than summarizing narratives, or the ideas of the main texts I was working with (Alexander, Brandt, ect.). I started off the course really struggling to write a conclusion without it sounding too repetitive or boring. When it came to this project, I had some help from my writing lab instructor, as well as worksheets that we had focused on in class, and I believe I wrote a strong conclusion. In my final draft, I did not make any revisions. This may have been a little stupid on my part. There is always room for improvement, and I should have taken more time to figure out the weaknesses in it as well as trying to improve them.