Remote Learning – Journal #7

Prompt: To illustrate the three moves of countering, Harris analyzes three writers’ rhetorical moves: Berger on Arguing the other Side, Millar on Uncovering Values, and Nehemas on Dissenting. For Wednesday’s work, I’d like you to do two things: 1) Choose one of the sources you’re using for your revision project and isolate a passage in the way Harris does. … [Read more…]

Journal #6

PROMPT: Many of you have taken UNE’s Citizenship course this year. Use your experience in that course plus a selection (a particular passage or recurring theme) from Nussbaum’s book to make a case for what you think is the strongest connection between liberal education and Citizenship. Noting that Citizenship as it’s offered at UNE is … [Read more…]

Journal #4

Q2CQ Q1: “Representations of thephysical world are best left to painters; for poets the inner world of the human spiritis best conveyed in a language shaped by ideas and feelings rather than the forms,shapes and colors that inspire the painter” (Moramarco 24) Q2: “So this child stands sentinel by the roadsideWith doll and lamb in … [Read more…]

Journal #3

Previous work #1: Literacy Narrative Analysis: Showcase Project for Professor Cripps’ ENG110 Final essay project for ENG110 Lacking a thesis WAY too much summary and hardly any of my own voice until the end of the paper – mostly seen in the conclusion Good use of textual evidence (not too many quotes and the quotes … [Read more…]

Journal #2

Job Description Job Title: Laboratory Technichian Description: Depending on the research done in the lab, the description would include the type of research, why it’s important (for example, if we are looking at the transmission of a specific disease, we would want to note that it is important to research transmission patterns in order to … [Read more…]

Journal #1

Part 1: As an Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities major, trying to explain what the Humanities is, or why it’s beneficial is something I have to do almost on a daily basis. When defining the Humanities to someone outside of the discipline, I often rely heavily on the idea that the Humanities creates a well … [Read more…]