ENG 110

Showcase ProjectRecursive Process • Integrate Ideas • Active Reading • Peer Review • Document Work (MLA) • Individualized Error

My Description of the Course:

In this course, we have attempted to broaden our understanding of academic texts and writings. We have been exposed to many different texts and levels of reading to challenge and grow our abilities as readers and writers. There are individual assignments, such as homework assignments, and there are also group assignments. Group assignments mostly happen within our given peer review groups. In these groups, we peer review projects as well as discuss the different ways that we approach projects.

Official Course Description:

“This course introduces students to writing as a conscious and developmental activity. Students learn to read, think, and write in response to a variety of texts, to integrate their ideas with those of others, and to treat writing as recursive process. Through this work with texts, students are exposed to a range of reading and writing techniques they can employ in other courses and are introduced to fundamental skills of information literacy. Students work individually and collaboratively, participate in peer review, and learn to take more responsibility for their writing development. Placement into this course is determined by multiple measures, including high school achievement and SAT scores. 4.000 Credit hours

What I Have Done in the Course:

In this course, I have looked at and evaluated many different academic texts and produced my own opinions and views on them. I have created three written projects based upon my views of the academic texts we were exploring at that time. I have also been exposed to creating blog posts, something I had never done before this class, and I’ve learned how to use media as a way to portray my ideas. Overall, I have seen a ton of self-growth in this course, as well as academic growth.