Document Work (MLA)

Paper 3 Rough Draft • Paper 3 Final Draft

My Progress:

When I first entered this course, I would use the EasyBib website to create all of my citations. I thought that it was a reliable website and would create the citations that I needed without having to put in too much effort. Through in-class activities, as well as my citation page in my first project, I have realized that EasyBib is usually wrong. Using the templates found in our Little Seagull book, I have found that it is much easier. All I have to do is plug in the right information, in the correct order. I still struggle sometimes determining what a source is (ex. article, journal article, website article, etc.). In my Showcase Project, we spent a class talking about how to determine what a source is, and how to properly cite it. I felt much more confident writing my MLA page for my Showcase Project than I did any other paper. I still need some practice with it, but overall I feel I have definitely shown progress in this area.