Peer Review of Revision Draft

ePortfolio Completeness:

I had most of everything for this category, but I was missing a few pages and had named things a bit differently than I should have. Everything is all fixed now. I was missing a page for peer review, my final draft and resume/cover letter.

ePortfolio Framing Statement:

I need to add a bit more evidence and should explain how the evidence proves that I have met that learning outcome. For learning outcome four, I simply put “stay tuned for my senior capstone,” when I should give an example or some sort of explanation as to what my capstone really is.


  • Maybe talk about how one discourse dominates the brain
  • Loses commentary on discourse – including commentary on the sciences
  • Introducing project before the content 
  • did you engage with Gee?
  • Note big idea at the beginning – why does moving from the sciences to humanities feel significant and why is discourse a way of doing that? Why does that feel important that you’ve learned?
  • Use title terms to create the bridge between first and second slide: I’m calling this presentation this because it is found in the definition of discourse
  • Go into depth – explain the discourse in terms of language
  • Maybe use pics of annotations for backgrounds
  • Why is this important? What is the bigger claim?
  • How does the work/examples tell you about your growth? Why is it important to see/practice those differences – check yourself
  • How does this change the way i look at the world or education?
  • Maybe talk about how you’ve evolved from science to english bc science make money
  • What does telling the story of the discourse tell you about your personal story?
  • Identity kit – Gee
  • What has moving through these identity kits done to you – where have you found yourself