DS106 – Midpoint Story

Review of Daily Creates

Looking back on all of my daily creates, I tell a story of my day, past, family, etc. in each one. I think my third Daily Create, #tdc3688, was the most challenging for me. I had no idea how anyone was taking a template of a post card and editing it to say and show whatever they wanted. This Daily Create is actually where I accidentally learned how to digitally sign documents on my laptop, which I thought was really cool! Most of the Daily Creates haven’t been too challenging overall, but the aspects of some of them had been difficult. After learning how to add text to a picture from my laptop, the Daily Creates became MUCH easier! Learning how to sign documents digitally through my laptop also came in handy, as I had to sign something for my boss at Aroma Joes. My printer rarely works so the e-signature thing definitely played in my favor.

Likewise, I think my fifth Daily Create, #tdc3709, captured my personality the most. I had so much fun making this because I got to make fun of a vegetable that has been ruining my life since I was 5. It’s not often that the story behind my hatred for radishes is told, as it’s not often that radish hatred just flows into conversation. So, I really had fun with that one.

Review of Daily Assignments

I enjoy the Daily Assignments much more than the Daily Creates because they’re so open-ended. It is much easier to incorporate things that I enjoy and things about me that others wouldn’t normally see or know about. Looking back on my Daily Assignments, it’s interesting to see the aspects of my personality that have come through. We get to see my thoughts on politics, things that make me happy, my pets, a few of my favorite memories, my apartment, you name it. I’ve also used my Daily Assignments as a creative outlet to debrief on my weeks. My Meme 3, which was due today, centered around how drained and disconnected I am from my work, which is something that is not typical of my character. We see this same attitude in my GIF 2 assignment where I was struggling to get everything done prior to leaving for Spring Break.

I do think my humor shows in almost every other Daily Create. My Meme 1, which may not actually be funny to others, was hilarious to me. Likewise, my GIF 1 of my dog and my Image 2 of the panorama were both projects that I had so much fun making. I have gotten a lot more comfortable reflecting on my emotions through my Daily Creates. I have been approaching these projects honestly and unafraid of judgment.