ENV 104

Intro to Environmental Issues

My Description of the Course:

In this class, I am learning ways that humans have been, and continue to negatively impact the world and its atmosphere. In the class, we have also focused on many discussions on ways that we can preserve the Earth’s atmosphere – mostly while reading and discussing “An Ecology of Happiness” by Eric Lambin.

Official Course Description:

“ENV 104 is an interdisciplinary introduction to environmental problems which emphasizes that humans are part of ecosystems within interdependent cycles which involve other organisms, air, water, chemicals, and energy. This course examines the relationships of humans to their environment from historical, economic, scientific, aesthetic, and ethical perspectives”

What I Have Done in the Course: 

Environmental Issues Project

In this course, I have done more than a fair share of reading chapters in the textbook, followed by in-class lectures that prepare us for our weekly homework assignment. I have also worked on four out-of-class writing assignments about topics of my choosing. The assignments had to be somewhat related to the environment, or something we were talking about, or have already covered in class. We are working on a research project right now. My group decided to do ours on green cities, and what it takes to become a green city. Some other groups are talking about waste, climate change, and how to save the honeybees.

Above, I have added a link to my group’s presentation on green cities. I am proud of the way we have covered the overall idea of a green city in a way that most people can understand, even if they come from a different academic background, or haven’t taken an environmental course. I think the overall content is organized. We have added a link to a video, as well as multiple pictures to make the concepts easier for the audience to understand.