Psych 105

Intro to Psychology 

My Description of the Course:

In this class, we focus on the physical processing of our brains, as well as the psychological aspect. We look at how humans have the ability to see and hear, as well as the different ways our perception might be different from someone else’s who is seeing or hearing the same thing.

Official Course Description:

“The course is an overview of the major areas of psychology, what psychologists do, and the methods employed in the investigation of basic psychological processes underlying human behavior. Areas reviewed may include: history, physiological psychology, learning theories, cognition, motivation, emotion, perception and sensation, human development, social psychology, abnormal psychology, therapy, and psychological issues of current debate in popular culture. The concepts examined will be linked to everyday reasoning and life”

What I Have Done in the Course:

Reflection Essay 2

There are many different in-class activities that make the heavy content a little easier understood. We have four out-of-class reflection essays that go along with our course material, as well as a number of exams. The out-of-class reflection essays are where I feel I am able to better retain the information. In class, the information can seem heavy and difficult, but then applying them to things in my life or things that I have seen makes the information easier to comprehend.

I added a link above of my second reflection essay for this course. I chose to reflect upon the idea of perception. I find it incredibly fascinating that multiple people can be looking at the same thing, but see something totally different. This happens because of our different backgrounds, and environments. It can be somewhat difficult to write these reflection essays because it is not always easy to connect concepts to your own life, or to be comfortable sharing about different ways that these topics can relate to you. Overall, this course allows me to find ways to connect academic material to my own life in order to help me to retain the information, as well as become more interested in the course.