Active Reading

Reading and Annotating for October 25 • Literacy Narrative Annotations • Homework for November 1


My Progress:

In high school, active reading was given certain symbols. For example, if  I found that something in the text was confusing, I would label it with a question mark. I thought that active reading was just something that I had to do for a grade. When I started my ENG 110 course, I realized that active reading is simply a way to connect yourself to the text and keep yourself engaged. As Susan Gilroy explains, active reading for me is now a way to have a conversation with myself as I move through the text. I try to ask myself questions through my reading, such as “what does this mean?” and “why did the author choose to do this?” in order to stay focused. Gilroy offers a few different questions to ask yourself while reading to help you to better understand the text. Often when I ask myself questions, it is easier for me to stay focused on the text and try to figure out exactly what I need to take away from it. I have become much better in attempting to relate different texts each other, however I could still use a little more practice. I found that the majority of my annotations tend to be “understanding”, which are the most basic and simple annotations. I feel that I still need more work in connecting different texts together, as well as forming my own ideas about different texts. I have come a long way from the start, however I still have a lot of room for improvement.